The engagement of a child in the movie Dada Dodi … Watch how his features have changed


The pioneers of social networking sites shared a picture of the young artist Ahmed Emad from his engagement, who appeared in the movie Dada Dodi as the child Kazem, after he became a young man.

Ahmed Emad confused the pioneers of social media who found that his features have changed dramatically 12 years after the screening of the film, starring Yasmine Abdel Aziz.

Echo Al-Balad learned that the engagement took place on the northern coast, in the presence of his close friends and family members, while Ahmed Imad resides in Dubai during this period.

The events of the movie Dada Dodi revolve around a girl who works in stealing mobile phones with her partner, and they are searched at a police station on the road, and she sacrifices him, and gets involved in a murder, so she flees to live in Alexandria.

Then she is forced to work as a nanny for a police brigade. Meanwhile, the girl meets another person who changes her whole life, and begins the path of commitment and repentance.

The film is directed by Ali Idris and written by Nader Salah El-Din and co-starring Salah Abdullah, Sabri Fawaz, Abdullah Musharraf, and Edward.


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