The Episcopal Church on the ruling of separation from the Evangelical: We respect the judiciary of Egypt, but we are on our way


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Dr. Mounir Hanna Anis, Archbishop of the Episcopal Church in Egypt and North Africa, said that the State Council ruled not to consider the case for nullifying the joining of the Episcopal Church to the Evangelical sect yesterday, as it refrained from considering new documents, the most important of which is the ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court No. 962 of 86, which stipulated the inadmissibility of The Episcopal Church joined the Evangelical Sect, in violation of the Supreme Order Concerning the Establishment of the Evangelical Community, issued in 1902

And Hanna said in a statement, on Sunday, that these documents were submitted by the Episcopal Church, while the court refused to consider them, based on the fact that the case had been decided before, stressing that the Church respects the judgments of the judiciary.

The Archbishop of the Episcopal Church added: “We will appeal this ruling before the Supreme Administrative Court, and we will demand our right to look at the new papers that we have submitted to prove that our church is not administratively and spiritually dependent on the Evangelical community in Egypt, as has been the case for the two hundred years since the beginning of the Episcopal Church’s service.” To uncover the missing facts in that case with our respect for the prestige of the Egyptian judicial platform.

He continued: “We are proceeding in the way of the judiciary in order to recover our rights as a church established in Egypt before the Evangelical sect, and we will continue to knock on the doors of the courts no matter what effort and time it costs us because it is the best way to recover our right as an independent church, pointing out that the Episcopal Church called on the Evangelical community to sign a memorandum of understanding between the two parties to solve This dispute, but the evangelical community did not respond ».

It is worth noting that the Alexandria region of the Episcopal Church is the 41st region of this church around the world, and it includes under its leadership 10 countries in Egypt and North Africa, and is subject to the presidency of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and follows the Union of Evangelical Churches in the world, while the Evangelical community does not enjoy a global extension.

In Egypt, the service of the Episcopal Church began in 1815 in Egypt with the efforts of many ministers, including the Reverend “Klein”, the Reverend “Temple Gardner”, the Reverend “Douglas Tronton” and Dr. “Frank Harper”. Then the first Episcopal Church was established in Alexandria in 1839 when he granted “Muhammad Ali Pasha” the governor of Egypt. A plot of land in Mansheya Square in Alexandria to establish the Episcopal Church of St. Mark.

The Church was interested in sponsoring foreign communities and supporting the Coptic Orthodox Church, especially in the field of theological education.

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