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In the previous article, I wondered if there is a trace of the story (Bathsheba) with David in the Holy Quran. My answer is categorical no. Come with me, we consider the verses:

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In Surat (PBUH) this part comes from the story of Dawood: “Be patient with what they say, and remember our servant David, that he is the father. If we sacrifice mountains with Him, let us praise the evening. And the bird is crammed, each with spawns. He strengthened his sovereignty, and gave him wisdom, and discourse separated.

The introduction suggests complete spirituality. This prophet, who reached spiritual clarity and radiance, understood the praise of mountains and birds. We know from a previous noble verse that the entire universe praises “and if something does not praise with His praise, but you do not understand their praise.” David alone the jurisprudence of this praise.

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“And did the adversary’s prophecy come to you when you were covering the oracle? When they entered David, they were afraid of them. David was in his sanctuary, praying and worshiping, when two men entered his privacy.

«ِنَّ هذَا أَخِى لَهُ تِسْعٌ وَتِسْعُونَ نَعْجَةً وَلِىَ نَعْجَةٌ وَاحِدَةٌ فَقَالَ ِكْفِلِنِيهَا وَعَزَّنِى فِى الْخِطَ. He said zlmk certainly bsval njtk smart multi najh Van de alkhlta’ lybghy bzhm Ali among those who believe and do deeds device vqlyl Ma vzn Dawud bin Abd nma ftnah fastghfr vkhr raka vanab ».

The commentators – may God forgive them – instead of explaining this Qur’anic text with its simple and straightforward interpretation, which is that David’s mistake was that he hastened the judgment without hearing the other opponent – and this haste was not worthy of a judge – perhaps the truth was with the rich and not the poor, so they gave their ears to the Israeli women, so they rode A fictitious story whose main point is that he – the owner of the ninety-nine wives – who coveted the wife of his leader, the tale of Bathsheba, which has no origin in the Qur’an. Among the errors of this interpretation is supported by the divine guidance which came in the following verses:

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«فَغَفَرْنَا لَهُ ذَلِكَ وَإِنَّ لَهُ عِنْدَنَا لَزُلْفَى وَحُسْنَ مَاب. Dawud Egg jlnak Caliphs or impression Villa fahkm international public truth ttb Abelni fyzlk Al Jean yzlvn those who Allah Allah Al Jean lhm not severe penalty nsva Day of Reckoning ».

This is the lesson learned, “Judge among the people with the right”, and the right can only be reached by the judge after hearing all the opponents!

This was the will of the Messenger of Ali Ibn Abi Talib when he sent him to Yemen as a judge, so he decided not to judge the opponent until he heard from the other opponent.

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The Qur’an has proven errors and sins to the prophets, but none of them touched off honor. Noah’s fault was that he returned to his Lord in the destruction of his son! Yunuss fault was that he left his people without divine permission. And Mosess fault was that he killed by mistake! But the sins that violate honor and chivalry! God forbid.

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