The first appearance of the artist’s daughter, Ali Al-Hajjar


Several active accounts concerned with news of celebrities and artists circulated on social media, video and photos of the daughter of the artist Mosheira Ismail and the great star Ali Al-Hajjar, where she appeared in it while singing with her father his famous song (Zay Al-Hawi).

In the details, Moshira Al-Hajjar appeared singing with her father, the star Ali Al-Hajjar, in El Sawy Culturewheel, where she gained great admiration and acceptance among lovers of the art of her great singer father, where many of them commented that she inherited the beauty of the voice and the power of the throat from him, but her mother, Moshira Ismail, was present in the scene. Through the great resemblance to her daughter.

The marriage of the two great artists had ended due to marital quarrels due to the jealousy of the eldest over Mushera to leave the latter art and turn to raise her daughter from it. While Moshira Ismail revealed in one of the TV programs that the real reason for the separation was due to the poor financial conditions of the artist, because he was at the beginning of his artistic career, after two and a half years they announced their separation without giving reasons at the time.

In another context, in those days, many incorrect information spread on many sites about the birth of some celebrities, and during the past two days, a number of artistic sites celebrated the birthday of the artist, Mosheera Ismail, on September 26, but her correct birthday is 15 January 1952, so I sent a message to many sites and channels that celebrated her birthday, saying: “I am my birthday, today it is today .. why do you grow older than me?”

It is noteworthy that the artist Moshira Ismail returned from retirement in Ramadan in 2016, where she participated in the series “Al-Khanka”, starring the artist Ghada Abdel Razek, with the participation of Majed Al-Masry Fathy Abdel-Wahab Intisar Samira Abdel Aziz, Mushera Ismail Ahmed Abdel-Warith Noha Al-Amrousi and a number of young faces, authored Mahmoud Desouky, directed by Muhammad Jumaa, produced by Slidey and owned by Maha Selim.

The first appearance of the artist's daughter, Ali Al-Hajjar - watch The first appearance of the artist's daughter, Ali Al-Hajjar - watch


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