The first photos and videos of Zeina Makki’s wedding | news


Lebanese actress Zeina Makki announced her sudden marriage to musician Nabil Khoury.

Zeina published a photo of her from the wedding on her Instagram account, and a writer commented: “We got married before.”

Zeina also changed her name via the app to Zeina Makki Khoury.


And spread through the Instagram application, a group of videos from the wedding, which was limited to the family.

Nabil Khoury had asked to marry Zeina in an unconventional way, and surprised her while they were in the “gym” with an offer of a romantic marriage.

Zeina Makki is a Lebanese artist who participated in the Egyptian series “Compulsory Choice”, her latest work is the series “Ma Fei”, and the series “Lace” is also shown for her.

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