The full story of the crisis Mayo Arefah Abdul Rasoul


The artist raised Arifa Abdul Rasoul A great controversy, the past few hours after her appearance in swimsuits, and she received a violent attack by a large number of social media users, and in the next report we monitor the full story for you.
Arifa Abdel Rasoul swimsuit causes a violent crisis

Actress Arefa Abdel Rasoul was subjected to a violent attack from some followers, after she posted on her Facebook page a photo of her in swimsuits on the sea.

Arefah commented, saying, “I found the plump.”

The picture angered some who directed the artist, Knowing, offensive comments, in return, others defended her, wishing her a happy life and a long life.

After her picture in a swimsuit, Arifa Abdel Rasoul leads Google

Actress Arefah Abdel Rasoul, Google Trend, took the lead during the past few hours, after posting a picture of her in a swimsuit on social media.

Actress Arefa Abdel Rasoul ignores the attack after she appeared in swimsuits

Actress Arefa Abdel Rasoul ignored the attack she was subjected to yesterday because of her photo in swimsuits in front of the sea, which she published on her page on the social networking site Facebook.

Arifa Abdel Rasoul decided to promote her work, which is the series The Will, which is currently being re-shown on one of the satellite channels, in which Akram Hosni and Ahmed Amin participated in the tournament.

Everyone looks at his paper … Abdul Rasul knows her attackers because of the swimsuit: They will see me as I enter the fire.

Actress Arefa Abdel Rasoul commented on the severe attack she was subjected to among the pioneers of social networking sites after posting a picture of her in a swimsuit through her personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”.

And she said, “I met the plump in the sea, and I would have died if I had finished my vacation and hadn’t gone to the sea.”

Arifa Abdel Rasoul continued, through an audio recording via the et in Arabic program: “I am Alexandrian, and our long life, wearing swimsuits, and diving into the sea, knowing the sea means swimsuits, and we criticize people who come to Alexandria and go to the sea with trousers and swimsuits are part of our life.”

Arefah added: “I am astonished at the people who attack the picture and the picture there is no need. He has a swimsuit for him, his shorts and his pocket, not one piece, two pieces, no burkini, and he covers all areas, and our Lord guides all the people and all the people who are in need of him, everyone looks at his paper. I mean, you are your money, when all of you will enter Heaven, who will enter Hell, they will see me enter Hell. “

Information you do not know about Arifa Abdul Rasoul

Arifa Abdel Rasoul is 66 years old, she was born on February 19, 1954, and she was born in the Hadra neighborhood in Alexandria.

The name ‘Arefah Abd al-Rasoul sparked controversy over her religion, and she revealed the reason for her name, saying: “I was named after I know the name of my grandmother.”

“My grandmother’s mother was called Baltiya, and she faced many problems because of the name,” she added in her interview with artist Ashraf Abdel-Baqi on the “Coffee Ashraf” program.

And she continued: “When the teacher asked me in the classroom, and I did not know how to answer, he would rather mock my name, and my mother called me Mervat, but in the official papers my name is well-known.”

Arifa Abdel Rasoul confirmed that her husband had an influential role in her life and encouraged her to achieve her pregnancy by leaving Alexandria and settling in Cairo “East Hollywood” in order to become a professional acting.

She said that she left her children under the care of her husband in Alexandria and traveled to Cairo.


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