The German University in Cairo establishes the first college for postgraduate studies and scientific research


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The German University in Cairo announced the establishment of a specialized college for postgraduate studies and scientific research within the framework of implementing what was stated in Presidential Decree No. 27 of 2002, with the aim of keeping pace with the successive development in all sciences, and at various local and international levels. In order to contribute to the development of society in addition to opening an international window of information from which the researcher can draw the latest research and applied technologies.

The college allows the graduate student to develop his scientific, critical and analytical skills in his field of specialization to transfer this knowledge to its applied context, as he is a main focus of the educational and research process and a major participant in the mechanisms of quality assurance in the college.

The university finances scientific research in addition to providing the university library with advanced technologies located on its campus with the latest periodicals, scientific references and research messages recorded during the past years to ensure that a researcher does not repeat the selection of subjects already registered, and to benefit from some of the topics presented to think about complementary or related topics, in addition to making them available. Researchers may use the latest laboratories and research laboratories related to conducting laboratory experiments and providing an advanced internet, in addition to activating the partnership with universities and research institutes in Egypt and abroad, especially with partner German universities, and also motivating students to participate in international conferences to see the latest technologies and research in light of experiences and experiences Some developed countries.

The College of Graduate Studies is keen to highlight the product of its work by issuing an annual book that includes summaries of all master’s and doctoral degrees with the names of researchers and principal supervisors from the university or those involved in research supervision from one of the participating German universities. The book is issued including all controls and standards that guarantee the quality of scientific research, and from The most important of them is its connection with the rapid development of research centers and large international universities, and therefore the rules for discussion of these scientific theses require the presence of a foreign examiner from the most prestigious foreign universities in the world, along with one of the professors who specialize in the field of dissertation in one of the Egyptian public universities in addition to the professor supervising the thesis. In master’s theses, this number is doubled in doctoral theses, with the condition that the research results be published in specialized international scientific journals before the doctoral degree is awarded to ensure the quality of the research and not to repeat its content in any other research.

The yearbook for the academic year 2019-2020 showed a statistic about the number of masters and doctorate degree holders from September 2008 to September 2020, which is 1035 researchers obtaining a master’s degree, 116 researchers with a doctorate degree, and the follow-up of supervising 380 researchers in the preparation stage to obtain a master’s degree. 90 researchers are in the stage of preparing for the PhD.

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