The head of contractors: Al-Nahhas will not accept work “temporarily” in Al-Ahly


Mohsen Salah, Chairman of the Arab Contractors Club, confirmed that he does not mind the departure of Emad Al-Nahhas, the team’s coach, towards Al-Ahly, if his coach so desires.

Salah indicated in statements via Al-Nahar One channel, that Imad Al-Nahhas refuses to work temporarily in the technical staff of Al-Ahly, in light of his desire to work on a permanent contract.

Salah said: “Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the president of Al-Ahly, never spoke to me about Emad Al-Nahhas, nor did the coach talk to me about his final departure. All that is said now is just Ijtihad.”

He continued: “There is no clause in our contract with Al-Nahas regarding his departure from contractors in one way or another, as he is one of the few who I have dealt with with the word and I always find an obligation from him towards what he promises.”

He added: “If Al-Nahas dreams of training Al-Ahly, we will not stand before his dream. I do not stand against the ambition of any individual in the contractors, but what we are currently talking about is only assumptions.”

He concluded: “Al-Nahhas will not accept to be a temporary artistic director for Al-Ahly, and I will not accept it for him, but at the same time I will not stand before any of his desires.”


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