The head of the contractors announces the date of Taher’s joining Al-Ahly … and reveals the position of copper


Engineer Mohsen Salah, president of the Arab Contractors Club, revealed the date of the joining of Taher Mohamed Taher, the Arab Contractors’ player, to the Al-Ahly club, after signing the Red Castle some time ago, and Mohsen Salah confirmed in televised statements: “Taher Mohamed Taher continues in the Arab Contractors until the end of the season It is a center with the mountain wolves .. The player will join Al-Ahly club training after the end of all the Arab Contracters’ matches this season.

Taher is considered the first summer deals in the Red Castle, after the Red Club officials ended their agreement with the contractors and contracts were signed to become a player in Al-Ahly starting from the new season.

Engineer Mohsen Salah also revealed the position of the mountain wolves from obtaining some players from Al-Ahly on loan as part of the Red Castle contract deal with Taher Muhammad Taher: “I agreed with Al-Khatib, to obtain some names and they were 4 players, but a written agreement was not signed in this regard. The matter .. Al-Khatib is a personal friend of mine, and we agreed, not in writing, but it is a greater agreement than any written contract, and we will discuss that later. ”

The Arab Contractors declared a state of emergency inside the club after the sudden loss that the wolves of the mountain suffered in the 29th round of the General League competition, with a clean goal during the meeting that brought the two teams together at Othman Ahmed Othman Stadium in Jabal Al-Akhdar, and Eng. Mohamed Adel Fathy, the general supervisor of the ball, a member of the Board of Directors of the Contractors Club decided Al-Arab suspend the dues for the first team football players in the club, and Fathi stressed that stopping the dues until the end of the season and determining the team’s position in the league table, based on the principle of reward and punishment in light of the club’s permanent commitment to pay all dues on time.

As the head of the contractors said, Imad Al-Nahhas dreams of training Al-Ahly, but by virtue of my relationship with him and talking to him, I know that he will not agree to work as a temporary coach in Al-Ahly, but he wants to continue as a technical manager in the new season as well, not temporarily.

He continued: “Emad Al-Nahhas has a great ambition and he will not agree to temporary work, and negotiations with Al-Ahly about it did not start from the ground up.” He concluded: “All the news that is circulating is just personal, and Al-Ahly has not contacted the club or Imad Al-Nahhas until now.”


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