The Interior Ministry denies the Brotherhood’s allegations regarding Burj Al Arab prison inmates: “A hostile approach”


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A security source denied what was broadcast on the Facebook page of one of the satellite channels loyal to the terrorist Brotherhood about the allegations regarding the deterioration of the health of the inmates of Burj Al Arab prison and the lack of medical care in the prison hospital. The source confirmed that what was discussed in this regard is completely naked. Of health altogether.

The source added that prisons receive ample attention from the Ministry of the Interior, which is keen to uphold human rights values ​​and apply modern punitive philosophy frameworks by improving all aspects of care provided to prison inmates, especially health care through the prison sector hospitals that are technically equipped with the latest medical devices that qualify them to provide the best care. Health services for them, through qualified and trained medical staff at the highest level and a number of consultants in various specialties, in addition to the continued influx of medical convoys that include doctors in all specialties to all prisons to conduct medical examination for all inmates and provide the necessary treatment to them .. In addition to activating the precautionary measures. And preventive measures around the clock to maintain the safety of inmates and prison workers and limit the spread of the Corona virus.

The source pointed out that what was dealt with of allegations is part of the inciting media scene that the Brotherhood seeks to form through its media trumpets, and confirms the group’s hostile and incitement approach towards the Egyptian state institutions, and comes as a continuation of the group’s desperate attempts to incite public opinion.

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