The Iraqi actress Nadia responds to the “bullies” with her pictures with his children


12:14 AM

Wednesday 30 September 2020

Books – Muhammad Jumaa:
The artist, Nadia Al-Iraqi, expressed her dissatisfaction with the bullying of social media users after she posted a picture with her children through her account on “Instagram”.

The Iraqi woman said, in a telephone interview with the “ninth” program broadcast on Egyptian television, on Tuesday evening, that she had the right to the joy of publishing a picture with her children, confirming that they were affected by the comments, including “the wad brought him from a foreigner” and “the child is fooled into his genes.”

The artist described those who bully her with psychopaths, following up: “People now make any possible content that leads to prostitution in order to get money from TikTok and YouTube … and he must be in a position against those responsible for these sites and stop the money.”


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