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Researchers at Nara Medical University discovered that an ancient remedy from the fermented juice of persimmons may be a new way to fight the Corona virus, according to the (Japan Arabic) website.

A potential new weapon has been found in the ongoing battle against the Coronavirus, in an already known drug. Khaki Shibu, or the acidic juice produced by the fermentation of some types of unripe persimmons, has had many uses in Japan since ancient times, from dyeing fabric to treating burns and headaches.

And researchers at Nara Medical University discovered that the liquid rich in tannin may also prove effective in stopping the Corona virus.

Prof. Ito Toshihiro and Yano Hisakazu from Nara Medical University announced, in a press conference held on September 15, that the research team led by him was able to inhibit the Corona virus in human saliva samples by adding high concentrations of persimmon tannin.

And the tests carried out by the researchers revealed that after 10 minutes, the mixture reduced the strength of the virus by one in ten thousand, causing it to be almost harmless.

The researchers were quick to warn that the results do not yet mean that people can ward off the dangers of the Corona virus, just by eating persimmons.

In return, they plan to conduct more research to determine the exact mechanisms and the amount of fermented juice needed to suppress the Corona virus in the human mouth.

They hope that their research will lead to finding preventive drugs that can be incorporated into products such as chewing gum and lozenges.


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