The Libyan Army: Erdogan’s mercenaries have begun to leave … and the stability of Libya is near


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Major General Khaled Mahjoub, Director of Moral Guidance in the Libyan Army, said the details of the Libyan delegations’ meetings in Hurghada under the auspices of the United Nations.

And he continued, during a telephone conversation with journalist Ahmed Moussa, on the program “On My Responsibility” on the Sada Al-Balad channel, “Transferring negotiations to Egypt is a positive sign, so that foreigners do not become in control of our national decision,” noting that the talks are based on the Cairo Declaration initiative.

He added, “We affirm our rejection of the Turkish intervention and the aim of the talks is to reach an understanding,” commenting, “We can say that the stability of Libya is soon.”

He added, “It was agreed on the need to come up with real ideas to dissolve the militias, with an agreement on the importance of having weapons in the hands of the Libyan army, and unifying state institutions,” noting that the mercenaries affiliated with Erdogan have begun to leave Libya.

He added, “We do not know if there is another reason for the mercenaries to leave, which is that Turkey needs them in another region, but what matters to us is that the departure has already begun.”

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