The Ministry of Environment: The death of the Mermaid in Marsa Alam is an accidental accident that is not the result of hunting attempts


Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of the Environment, confirmed that all the specialized scientific analyzes by the experts of reserves and marine life in the nature protection sector in the ministry, and the preliminary inferences indicate the death of the “Dojung” animal in Marsa Alam as a result of an accidental, unintended accident, and any indications were excluded The General Administration of Red Sea Reserves had received a notification from one of the diving center employees that he found a marine animal near the beach in case of death in the area south of Umm Tindouba, south of Marsa Alam.

Upon receiving the notification, Dr. Yasmine Fouad issued directives to form a committee of researchers at Wadi El-Gamal Reserve to determine the quality of the marine animal, characterize its apparent condition, and review scientific measurements to determine the size and type of this organism.

The inspection revealed that it is a marine animal, Dugong dugon, or the so-called “Dojong” mermaid, and all its measurements have been taken. Its length ranges from about 3 meters and the diameter of the body is 80 cm and its type is male. It has signs of scratches and sores scattered in different parts of the body as a result of its erosion. On the surface of the coral reef area, which separates the deep waters from the beach, it is also noticed that there are semi-deep wounds in the head area as a result of accidental collision with sharp edges that led to some cut wounds behind the head and as a result of a period of time ranging from two to 3 days after his death This led to the emergence of signs of the onset of decomposition, body swelling, emission of gases and a foul odor, which required prompt action to speed up the procedures for sanitary burial in order to preserve public health and not attract stray or desert animals to the site.

Fouad explained that sound scientific methods were followed for a burial in a safe area, and all procedures were photographed and documented for use in scientific research.

The Minister of Environment has directed to take several measures in this regard to prevent these accidents from occurring again, including coordination with the Maritime Safety Authority to oblige all launches to install a protection net around the launch boat, especially within areas sensitive to biological diversity to protect marine organisms present in those areas, as well as the continuation and increase of presence And reviewing the controls for safe uses of important biodiversity areas in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba, as well as calling for the necessity for the tourism sector and NGOs to cooperate with the areas of nature reserves and to expand the awareness role in addition to taking all measures to monitor any cases of the practices of any activity that violates or exceeds the specific rules regulated by the Environment Law and agreements International binding on biodiversity conservation.

It is worth noting that the dugong known as the mermaid or the sea cow, (Dugong dugon) is a large marine mammal, its length ranges between 2.50 and 3 meters, and its body tapers at the tail forked and flat horizontally, it has two “arms” in the form of two round fins. His large, muscular lips (cracked fry) to tear apart marine weeds, his strong molars and hard “stompers” at the front of his jaws grinds food, and the male has two small canine-like incisors, and he usually travels in pairs or small groups. After a pregnancy lasting 13 to 14 months, the female usually gives birth One born in the water, the dugong animals represent one of the most important tourist attractions for the Marsa Alam region, which mainly depends on the factors of distinction in biological diversity and the unique nature of its coasts, and all environmental organizations work to raise awareness of preserving it and not being subject to human pressure or overfishing.

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