The Ministry of Health tells you the plan to return to school with Corona … Know it


The Ministry of Health has developed its own plan, which includes many measures that help in dealing with the Corona virus, and this is with the start of the educational process inside all Egyptian schools, and we will present to you today the plan that includes many of the basic axes that are applied in schools, which is physical spacing Good ventilation, awareness raising, continuous disinfection, personal protection and provision of supplies.

The Ministry of Health tells you the plan to return to school with Corona

It was pointed out that the elements of a healthy environment inside the schools begin with good ventilation in all administrative offices and classes, and all windows that are not less than 1/6 of the room’s area must be opened. Smoking is completely prohibited in the school.

Safe sources of water are provided, tools for washing and disinfection are provided in accordance with all health requirements, and all continuous samples are taken from the water network, the preventive plan that was prepared through preventive medicine in the Ministry is provided, and the responsible authorities see that the study is reduced for each class for two days only, and this It contributes to lowering the density a lot.

If there is a specific activity that requires dividing students into groups in which the number of individuals in each group is reduced, and the groups are increased, for example, instead of being 4 groups in each group of 10 students, it is possible to do 10 groups in each group of 4 students.

Also, provide a room for temporary isolation in the school when a worker or student is suspected of being injured, and one of the supervisors sits with the child until the specialist doctor and guardian attend, then the case is referred to the hospital, taking into account the continuous disinfection of hands and wearing masks.

Many posters that help in raising awareness are placed at the entrance to the school, and in the school radio, preventive measures are provided, a lot of educational materials that are included in the school activities, washing hands well with soap and water, good ventilation and not touching friends’ things or surfaces and the use of personal tools Just.

Leaving a safe distance between individuals, speaking in a moderate voice, preventing shaking hands, hugging, or kissing, not approaching crowded places, eating useful foods, sleeping for a long time and exercising light at home, following all the teachings of coughing and sneezing inside a tissue and preventing touching the nose, eyes and mouth.


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