The Ministry of Health: The results of the first clinical trial on the Corona vaccine are promising


Dr. Noha Assem, Adviser to the Minister of Health for Research, said that the first clinical trial of the Coronavirus “Covid-19” vaccine took place yesterday, Saturday, and this third phase is for it, and based on all the previous results, they are promising results, and the advisor to the Minister of Health for Research added, during an intervention By phone, today, Sunday, with the program “News of the Day” presented by the media, Lama Gabriel, on ON E TV, that the product may be available to the masses after making sure of the effectiveness of its results.

Regarding the goal of the volunteer conducting the experiment, the advisor to the Minister of Health explained that the ultimate goal of participation is science and humanity, adding that the study responded to a specific research question, in addition to measuring the degree of vaccine safety.

She indicated that the conditions for volunteering include that the citizen be under the age of 18, and not to have diseases that are difficult to control, saying that the ministry is conducting certain analyzes to ensure that the volunteer is safe to be vaccinated.


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