The Ministry of Health warns citizens of the danger of heat … Check out the details


The official page of the Ministry of Health and Population on the social networking site Facebook has published a video clip in order to educate citizens about the danger of rabies, through a video promo entitled your pet or cats and dogs in the street that may be a cause of rabies in citizens.

The Ministry of Health and Population warns of the danger of developing rabies:

The disease is transmitted to humans through the saliva of infected animals that disturb or scratch the person. The symptoms of the disease often appear in the form of neurological symptoms, and the danger of rabies disease for humans is fatal.

This means that the death rate in cases that showed symptoms of rabies was 100%, and the duration of the onset of rabies symptoms would be short and be a week and may extend for some cases to a year.

It usually lasts from one to three months and depends on several factors. Rabies can be prevented by following the necessary preventive measures.

And that is through running water and soap with a sufficient period of not less than 15 minutes, and that procedure is the most important of all. As for the number of vaccination doses for rabies, it is only 5 doses, as the patient takes it within a month.

The first dose will be on the day of the bite, the second dose is the third day of the bite, and after that the seventh day, then on the fourteenth day, and the last dose is the 28th day of the barren. There are no contraindications to vaccination at all, and it is safe for children and pregnant women.


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