The Ministry of Health warns citizens of the winter season and the Corona virus


There were some statements from the Ministry of Health regarding the second wave of the emerging corona virus and the fear of increasing the number of infected people, as the head of the scientific committee to combat Corona virus at the Ministry of Health, Dr.Hossam Hosni, said that talking about the second wave of the virus is nothing but expectations and scenarios that will increase due to the entry of winter and the increase in infection Seasonal flu.

Warning of the Ministry of Health about winter

Corona Virus

Where Dr. Hosam Hosni indicated that all citizens in the world are all on alert for an increase in the number of infections due to the second wave of the Corona virus upon entering the winter season, with the fear that there is a great similarity between the symptoms of the virus and seasonal influenza.

Hosni also stressed that all precautionary measures must be adhered to, which is considered the surest way to prevent infection with this deadly virus in the coming period. Among those measures approved by the Ministry of Global Health are wearing masks and gloves, moving away in distances, reducing congestion and crowding among people, with attention to washing hands as a regular basis. Continuous use of alcohol, until the world reaches the vaccine and vaccine against the virus.

Hussam Hosni also warned that there are some behaviors that people do in the winter season, as all people sit next to each other, with all windows closed, so care must be taken to take all preventive measures and pay attention to good ventilation.


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