The most important campaign reveals the details of the “Antel assembly” incident


Mohammed Abu Ouf

Posted on: Tuesday 29 September 2020 – 3:42 p.m. | Last update: Tuesday 29 September 2020 – 3:42 am

You are the most important: We demand that the maximum penalty be imposed on those who prove their involvement in the crime of sexual harassment

In recent times, Egyptian society witnessed a state of societal movement to confront the phenomenon of sexual harassment and the spread of the process of luring underage girls into sexual relations, blackmailing them and even threatening them to expose them and buy their silence in exchange for money.

The statement issued by the “You The Most Important” initiative stated that the National Council for Women, civil society and all parties concerned with women’s issues and rights rose up to confront this phenomenon and encourage every girl or woman who has been subjected to an incident of rape or harassment to present and officially report. The issuance of the law to protect the confidentiality of data of victims of sexual violence prompted the creation A space of security and encouragement for girls to speak and ask for support. The Anti initiative is considered one of the initiatives in support of victims of harassment and sexual violence, and because sometimes we need a space of disclosure, in which we can reveal what we are ashamed to reveal to someone who knows us .. and perhaps that space was a lifeline.

“You are the most important” decided to create a special space for every girl in need of support and to open a helpline to report all cases of violence. A call to action came to a new victim of violence and sexual exploitation describing a brow crime.

She was not the first victim that he was able to lure and exploit in every way. He is capable of knowing how to fall into the wives of the wealthy and obtain everything he wants after he deludes them in the name of love, “the gathering antelope” as it is called.

And whose case blew up a girl who was sexually and financially exploited, and she was able to gather a lot about his suspicious relationships and his victims, including wives of well-known personalities, he arrived in the case to be in a relationship with a girl and her mother at the same time, and took advantage of the husband’s famous travel and his busyness all the time to defile his home and establish his forbidden relationships without supervision.

The text of the message came:

“The girl said in her message in crying letters … and bloody words … I do not know how to describe what happened to me .. The story began several months ago, I got to know him in one of the famous gyms … and he was an attractive young man with an overpowering presence who was able to draw my attention and there was more than one conversation with him. Superficially at first, I quickly got used to his presence .. We rapprocheted quickly, and we talked continuously and met outside the gym frequently .. I found him tender and generous .. and I was worried about his excessive boldness, but I overlooked it .. Soon the friendship turned into an emotional relationship. I do not know yet how He lured me to become a sexual relationship..I know that I made a mistake and I am not looking for a justification for my sin, but I did not imagine that my resistance would collapse in front of him, to find myself in front of a professional criminal who blackmailed me financially in all ways .. to find out after I searched his phone for catastrophic things..I was not his first victim, and I will not, of course. The last .. I read conversations between him and the wife of a famous person and discovered that this lowly person had a relationship with this wife and her daughter at the same time and he used to frequent them, and kept his phone pictures of this woman that she sent him .. Of course she is a criminal like him because she knows that he is in a relationship Affectionate with her daughter At the same time that he has an illegal relationship with her, what I know about Antel gathering are many things and I have proof of everything I say..When I confronted him, he beat me and blackmailed me, but I decided to take my right and the right of all the girls whom he deceived and exploited, and I will inform the Egyptian authorities of everything I know. About this criminal person and his victims … including the wife of the famous man who kept her photos and her conversation with him .. I ask (you the most important) to support me and stand by me in my case. ”

The “You Are More” initiative called for the maximum penalty for perpetrators of sexual harassment, and on the other hand, the security services examine what was published on social media.

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