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The state did not remain silent on the suffering of the kind people who were unable to fulfill the requirements of the Reconciliation Law to enable them to reconcile the conditions of their property with a firm desire to provide a “quiet and stable property” in order to secure their future and for their children and grandchildren after them.

In addition to extending the period of time for a new month, and I was hoping for months, the Decent Life Foundation, in a good coalition with charitable societies, parties and national personalities, is turning away to help those who are unable to meet the cost of reconciliation to pay the dues for cases that are due for those who sought reconciliation and were unable to pay the dues.

A gesture of hope, and a good gesture, and the initiative deserves to be supported by charitable societies and zakat funds, the Egyptian Zakat and Charity Bank in Al-Azhar as a model and example, and the Ministry of Endowments is invited, and the Ministry usually does not delay such community initiatives, and with precedents they know, business, industry and trade associations, and the Federation of Egyptian Banks, All of them are called to support the prestigious initiative, which is added to the list of “decent living” initiatives, which President El-Sisi established for the love of his family and people.

Well, the National Institution is seeking to launch the initiative with “half a billion pounds” as a first payment, and the invitation is open to contribute, and requires support from those who are able, each in his village, and it is advisable to open a bank account to support the initiative in Egyptian banks.

It is well known that the “mouthfuls remove resentment”, and the “grant” of the reconciliation law, which was enacted by the people’s representatives in the last parliamentary session, forcibly transformed it into a knife drawn by the brothers of Satan to tempt people, and to cause disturbances through their sleeping cells in the bottoms of homes, evil penitential cells lying in the brush and appearing In the dark alleys, at the end of the night, the peaceful villages are disturbed.

It is necessary for these representatives to mobilize themselves to support the presidential initiative to reduce the burden on those who have been unable to fulfill the requirements of the law.

Maaloum, the “Decent Life” initiative, launched by President El-Sisi on January 2, 2019, to improve the quality of life for the most needy community groups, especially in the villages. With small and medium enterprises in the villages and areas most in need.

The initiative (the institution), as I have learned, is preparing an integrated study to support all low-income people who wish to reconcile with building violations, according to a presidential directive to study all means to reconcile the conditions of violators, especially in the areas most in need, and I hope that it will be supported by patriots who love it soon.

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