The perpetrator of the Paris attack admits to committing the crime in retaliation for publishing insulting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad


French police are examining a video clip in which the suspect in attacking others with machete said on Friday that he would carry out an act of “resistance”, after cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad were reprinted in a satirical magazine.

The suspect, who is from Pakistan, was soon arrested after two wounded outside the old headquarters of Charlie Hebdo magazine, and officials said his clothes were stained with blood.
French media said the video was found on the suspect’s phone. Reuters was unable to independently verify the video. A police source confirmed that a video was being examined.
In the video, the suspect identified himself as Zahir Hassan Mahmoud and said that he was from the city of Mandi Bahauddin in Punjab province. Then he read verses of poetry praising the Prophet Muhammad.
Mahmoud spoke in Urdu in the video, saying, “If you look upset, let me clarify: Here in France I published the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad … I will do (an act) of the resistance today, 25 September.”
Arshad Mahmoud’s father praised his son, and said from the family home to the (Naya Pakistan) news website, “My heart is full of happiness … I am ready to sacrifice my five children all of them to protect the honor of the Prophet.”

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