The phenomenon of “persistent Covid” … have been infected with corona for months without a cure


Thousands of former patients suffer from difficulty returning to their health before infection with Corona, and today they suffer from exhaustion, pain and constant shortness of breath, according to the British newspaper “The Sun”.

Claire Hastie, chair of the Caucus to Support People Suffering from “persistent Covid”, warned BritainThat the general practitioners regularly misdiagnose the persistent problems of sufferers as anxiety, saying: “Many people in our group to this day tell them that the cause of pain and symptoms is anxiety, and they are deluded by all these symptoms.”

And still Corona Virus New to scientists and researchers, who discover new characteristics and phenomena in it every month, and with millions around the world suffering from infection with it, but a large number also suffer from a strange phenomenon, represented by suffering from the virus for extended months.

One of those infected with the virus, Zoe Wall, described her “constant nightmare”, as she is still suffering from Chest pain And “unspeakable” fatigue, two months after the injury was discovered, according to the New Scientist magazine.

As for Harry, who is another patient, he felt a great headache and itching in the body, followed by cases of shortness of breath, and the symptoms worsened and some of them lasted for more than 10 weeks, according to the magazine.

As for the injured Jane, her infection with Corona led to her losing the senses of smell and taste, at the end of last March, and Jane’s symptoms continued for months after that, until she lost 19 kilograms in two months.

These symptoms are related to infection with Covid-19, but the strange phenomenon is that they remain for many months with Injured.

Strange phenomenon analysis

Danny Altman, an immunologist at Imperial College London, said: “It is clear that something strange is going on. It is not a figment of their imagination. It does not seem that it is related to the severity of the infection.”

The scientific journal said that the long list of symptoms also indicates that there may be many subtypes of the disease, which can help us predict which cases will become dangerous.

According to Akiko Iwasaki, an immunologist at Yale University in America, the virus may remain in the body and remain active and active for a long time in some cases.

Iwasaki said: “All I say is my appreciation, but from my point of view as an immunologist looking at this disease, there are some hypotheses … The first is that this virus is able to create a reservoir somewhere, where the virus is frequently reactivated, which causes this type of disease.” Symptoms.

She added: “The other possibility is that this virus is no longer contagious, but the immune system remains convinced that there is a virus in the body, but in reality it does not exist. But the body deals with the remnants of the virus as if it is still in the body.”

Scientists are still researching the phenomena of the deadly virus, which appear to the world every month, but until now, they do not know why the symptoms of infection with the virus remain for many months, for some.

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