The picture of Nour Amr Diab raises controversy because of the series The Cross..Watch


Nour Amr Diab posted a picture of her on her official and personal account on the social networking site Instagram, but through it she raised a lot of controversy among her followers.

The photo of Nour Amr Diab causes controversy while wearing a chain in the form of a cross:

Nour Amr Diab appeared in those pictures that commented on her and said holding my hair buns, and she wore a long-sleeved blouse with a waist belt and jeans.

But what stirred the controversy in those pictures was that they wore a chain in the form of a cross, which caused controversy among its followers, and some comments on those pictures were whether this is a cross and another question is this is a cross and another comment is really a cross.

Some of the comments included that the series symbolizes one of the international brands, but it takes that form and that it is not a cross, and it is mentioned that Nour Amr Diab interacts and communicates with its followers through the photos that it publishes.


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