The president of Atletico Madrid raises a wide debate about Messi’s future


The president of Atletico Madrid raises a wide debate about Messi's future


The president of Atletico Madrid, Enrique Cerezo, caused controversy after opening the door to the transfer of Lionel Messi, Barcelonas captain, to “Rocci Blancos” next summer.

In statements carried by the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, Cerezo said, commenting on the possibility of contracting Messi to meet again with his close Uruguayan friend Luis Suarez, who had already been included by “Rocci Blancos” in his ranks this summer from Barcelona: “In life, if you want, do it.” If Messi wants to play with Louis, I will say it enthusiastically, anything is possible. ”

And the President of Atletico concluded: “With persistence, everything remains possible.”

Cerezo touched on the good relationship he enjoys with the Barcelona administration under the leadership of President Josep Bartomeu, saying in this regard: “The negotiations on the transfer of Suarez from Barcelona to Atletico Madrid went well. Bartomeu is a good friend and a great person. Things are not going well in Barcelona.” At the moment, but he acted as he should have done. ”

He concluded, “Signing with Suarez was not complicated, as the Uruguayan striker played where he wanted to play.”

On the future of Atletico Madrid’s star, Spanish international Diego Costa, Cerezo commented: “Atletico needs Costa, the season is very long. I don’t think there will be any major changes in the club.”

On the other Uruguayan, Edinson Cavani, who was linked by media reports to joining Atletico Madrid this summer, Cerezo commented: “Cavani? Unlike Suarez, the situation is different with him. He is a great player, but things went differently.”

The duo Messi and Suarez have a close friendship on and off the field and with their family as well, for more than six years, during which they won more than 13 titles with Barcelona.

Messi, who demanded to leave Barcelona during the current summer transfer period before reversing his decision, expressed his sadness for the way Suarez left “Barca”, attacking the Catalan administration’s behavior with one of the best players in the club’s history, he said.

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It is noteworthy that Messi will be able to leave Barcelona for free at the end of the current season if he does not extend his contract with the team.



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