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“My bet is on the people that they understand, appreciate, and bear what is being implemented .. And whoever works is doing work with the Egyptians .. The state is a need, and its people are a second need .. The state and the people are one need .. and I bet on the people .. and praise be to God, Lord of the worlds .. During the past years the bet was Kasban ».

God does not fail a servant who wept, a slave who doubted, a slave with his head bent and then called, whoever throws his load on God wins the bet.

He who believes in words and deeds will not be let down by his Lord, and whoever bets on an authentic people wins the bet, a peculiar people who know their interests, understand their future, and know who works faithfully for the sake of God, and who works for the sake of Satan.

People differentiate well between a good man who lives, and a devil who is destroying it. They destroyed it before and settled on its hill mockingly. The brothers of Satan and those who matter most are the words of the Lord, may He be glorified and exalted, in his noble book: “And when it was told to them not to spoil on the earth, they said that we are reformers” (Al-Baqarah – 11).

President El-Sisi does not pass an occasion without opening his speech by thanking the Egyptian people, with gratitude and gratitude for his thanks, patience, sincerity and confidence in the future, while he is striving to endure life’s difficulties with the flogging of the patient.

The gratitude of the president is a form of gratitude for the merit, the merits are known only to the meritorious, and indeed had it not been for the sacrifices of this patient people, there would have been no resurrection for this country, the country was on the brink of a harsh cliff, a mighty people of precious metal, made of a rare alloy of loyalty, sincerity and patience. His resurrection was for him what he wanted, if a day the people wanted life / then the destiny must be answered.

The president, in his words, yesterday, at the inauguration of the “hydrogen cracking” complex in Mostorod, wipes the head of every Egyptian who is difficult for him from the hardship of life, kissing his forehead, patting the emergence of misfortune from the harsh demands of life, recommending the prime minister to continue “Corona aid” until the end of the year, Expanding the base of beneficiaries in the sectors affected by the pandemic until conditions become easier, and activating the Central Bank’s initiative with one hundred billion pounds to help merchants, manufacturers and business owners so that we do not lose a single job opportunity, our people in dire need of it.

The president did good to those who did well to this country. There is a difference between the president’s gratitude and the estrangement of a group of those who do not care for the greatness of the Egyptian people. Unfortunately, the goods of some of our skin became the whipping of the Egyptian people. And dissolve themselves, and install themselves custodians of the people who taught the ancients.

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