The President’s Health Adviser: The influenza vaccination does not protect 100% of the infection


11:31 PM

Tuesday 08 September 2020

Books – Moataz Abbas:

Dr. Muhammad Awad Tajuddin, the President’s Health Affairs Adviser, said that there is a possibility that the symptoms of influenza and the Corona virus may be confused due to the similarity in symptoms, and for this reason, precautionary measures must be continued in the summer and fall seasons.

Taj El-Din confirmed, in a phone call to the “ninth” program, broadcast on the Egyptian Channel One, today, Tuesday, that respiratory viruses are more common in the winter and fall seasons, and the incubation period for corona is longer than other respiratory viruses.

Regarding the seasonal influenza vaccination, he explained that doctors, the elderly and people with chronic diseases are the first to obtain the influenza vaccination, and that the components of the vaccination change annually due to the genetic change of the virus, adding: “Not all people need to take the influenza vaccine, because this vaccination does not protect 100% of Influenza, but it reduces disease complications. ”

He added that the groups authorized to receive influenza vaccination are the elderly and those with chronic respiratory and heart disease, and those who receive immunomodulatory drugs.


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