The price of gold today is more expensive than brides … it is spoiled for us again


Gold prices recorded an increase in goldsmiths stores during the start of trading today, Tuesday, September 29, compared to the end of trading on Monday, as prices recorded stable, and the price of 21 carat gold. The bestseller on the market is around 816 pounds.

gold prices
gold prices

Average gold prices are 24, 21 and 18 pounds gold, and the gold pound is as follows:

  • 24k gold
    The price of 24 carat gold ranges between 938 and 941 pounds.
  • 21k gold
    The price of 21 carat gold ranges between 821 and 823 pounds.
  • 18k gold
    The price of 18 carat gold ranges between 704 and 705 pounds.
  • The price of the gold pound
    The price of the pound of gold was about 6 thousand and 584 pounds.

And all over the world; Gold prices stabilized today, Tuesday, as the dollar retreated from its highest level in two months, as investors watch the first US presidential debate and the development of a new bill to help the Corona virus in the United States, according to Al-Arabiya newspaper.

There was little change in the yellow metal in the spot market as it was set at $ 1,880.01 an ounce, and gold rose in the previous session by 1.1%, the biggest daily increase since the end of August.

Gold futures in the United States rose 0.2% to $ 1885.50 an ounce, the dollar index fell from a two-month high of 94.745 reached last week, and the weak dollar reduced the cost of gold for holders of other currencies.

Reasons for the high price of gold?

Wasfi Amin, head of the gold division at the Federation of Chambers of Business, said that the price increase is linked to the price of an ounce of $ 1885.20 and speculation in the stock and global markets, noting that despite the high prices per ounce, volatility in gold prices remains a safe haven for all investors in the world, especially after deflation. The economy due to the emerging corona virus epidemic


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