The price of gold today, Tuesday 9/29-2020


Echo of the country publishes gold prices at the beginning of trading today, Tuesday, September 29, 2020, according to the Gold Price Today website.A gram of 21 carat gold, which is the best-selling one in Egypt today, Monday, reached 816 pounds per gram.

Today, the 24 caliber recorded about 933 pounds.

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And 18 caliber recorded today 699 pounds.

The price of a pound of gold reached 6528 pounds.

The world price of gold was recorded at 1864 dollars an ounce.

The price of gold in Egypt varies according to workmanship, from one goldsmith’s shop to another, and the average price of workmanship and stamp in the goldsmiths ‘shops ranges between 30 and 65 pounds depending on the type of gold carat, as well as the different goldsmiths’ shops and from one governorate to another and from one dealer to another, as it usually represents a percentage ranging between 7 % And 10% of the price of a gram of gold. The higher the percentage of minerals in the carat, the smaller the carat. An ounce that weighs 31.1 grams is used as a unit for the weight of jewelery and gold bars.

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