The Prime Minister: To allow the resumption of construction and finishing for those who obtained a license up to 4 floors


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Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, during his presidency of the meeting of the Board of Governors, on Monday, in the presence of Major General Mahmoud Sharawi, Minister of Local Development, through video conference technology, that there are working groups that follow the governors directly, and tour the specialized committees in each office or center A technologist specializing in receiving requests for reconciliation in building violations, in order to follow the situation on the ground, with the need to listen to citizens applying for reconciliation, and to apply all the facilities that have been announced, pointing out that many complaints are still coming to him from citizens who complain about the intransigence of a number of employees towards them, Or the lack of implementation of the decisions and facilities announced.

Madbouly directed the governors, saying: “Follow up on your own, and deal with any complaints from citizens who are applying for reconciliation. We are following the situation on the ground first, Powell. Our goal is to close this file completely, and for all violators to legalize their status.”

He also instructed the Prime Minister, during today’s meeting, to allow the resumption of construction and finishing works for those who previously obtained a building permit, up to only 4 floors, until the new building requirements are issued.

Madbouly praised what he is currently following about the state of commitment on the part of citizens not to encroach on agricultural lands, considering that this is a great gain for the Egyptian state and Egyptian citizens, serving everyone, as this unfortunate phenomenon that we have been living in for decades, which was a crime against our homeland, is retreating for the first time. He also praised the great turnout witnessed by the neighborhoods and the new cities’ apparatus, and the technological centers designated to receive reconciliation requests, stressing that no illegal construction is allowed on our agricultural lands again.

Madbouly confirmed that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has mandated the development of capitals and major cities in the governorates, in the same way that was done in the “Asmarat” project in Cairo or “Good news” in Alexandria, indicating that the government is in the process of restricting the lands belonging to the state, in preparation for building a civilized housing project. An integrated service in the capital of each governorate, moving residents of dilapidated areas, or residents of areas where new traffic axes will be opened, roads constructed, or services provided to residents.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister assigned to work to speed up the delivery of maps of ready lands for this project in the capitals of the governorates, which belong to any of the state agencies, stressing that the administrative procedures for obtaining these lands will be completed, in addition to providing alternative lands for these bodies that follow She has those lands in the new cities.

The Prime Minister indicated that the procedures and steps that are being implemented in this regard come as part of our plan for how to change the face of our country and improve the existing urbanization, adding: “We are working to establish and establish a number of new, planned, urban communities with civilized housing befitting the citizen. Al-Masry, this is in addition to the efforts being made at the same time to improve the image in the already existing cities and villages, thus contributing to the quality of life for Egyptians.

The Prime Minister reiterated the importance of continuous follow-up to the internal roads development project in the governorates, which will have the greatest impact on improving the quality of daily life for the villagers in particular, and alleviating their suffering, indicating that this project will continue in the coming years.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister directed the governors to continue coordination with the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation and the relevant authorities regarding confronting floods during the coming period, and to ensure that all preparations are made to confront them, and to intensify awareness campaigns in various media outlets through a proactive plan for that, along with information and warning. Citizens who are in the places exposed to this and may be affected.

The Prime Minister indicated that a complex of government interests will be established in each governorate, and it will be linked with the government district in the new administrative capital, through the mechanisms of digital transformation, explaining that there are specific models for implementing this complex, which will include various service directorates, pointing out that it is proposed To be established in the new cities of the governorates, in order for it to be an attractive way to reside in these new urban communities.

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