The Public Prosecution orders the imprisonment of a defendant accused of defilement of a child’s honor in New Cairo


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The Public Prosecution ordered the imprisonment of a person accused of defaming the display of a child under five Gregorian years in (New Cairo) for four days as a precaution pending investigations. In breaching his nakedness and luring one of the children into a car, it was reported that the incident was in (New Cairo area), and the matter was presented to “Mr. Counselor the Attorney General” who ordered the follow-up of investigations into the incident.

Whereas, the “Public Prosecution” received a report from the mother of the child victim on the twenty-sixth of September of the accusation that the accused brought her son before the property in her place of residence on the twenty first of that month, as he lured him to his car claiming that he wanted to play with him, and he committed his crime inside it, then fled He escaped, and the mentioned testified the same contents of her communication in the investigations.

By asking the “Public Prosecution” the victim of the child, he decided that the accused indecently assaulted him after he had lured him into his car on the day of the incident.

The Public Prosecution watched the internationalized clip from the unloading of the surveillance camera that recorded it, and the Public Prosecution found out from the inquiry received from the General Traffic Department that the car attributed to the accused in the clip was his own.

Moreover, the “Public Prosecution” delegated the “forensic doctor” to sign the medical examination on the victim, showing any material effects of the incident, and it also delegated “one of the officers specialized in technical assistance” to the “Ministry of Interior” to match the image of the seized suspect with the image attributed to him in the circulating section The investigations are being completed.

On the occasion of this incident, the “Public Prosecution” stresses the necessity of preventing such clips from being circulated on social media, even if the purpose was good, and submitting them to the “Public Prosecution” or the competent authorities; In order to take appropriate legal measures regarding the facts that they disclose, it is more important to present them to the public, who are not specialists, in order to preserve the inviolability of the lives of the victims and their privacy, and to ensure the proper conduct of justice and the integrity of investigations.

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