The Pyramids coach reveals the secret of Al-Saeed’s change in front of Al-Ittihad and not surrendering to Zamalek


The Croatian Ante Cacic, the technical director of the Pyramids club, expressed his great happiness at winning and winning the three points against Al Ittihad of Alexandria, and advancing another step in the ranking table to continue the competition for the second place, explaining that Pyramids was the best in everything and deserved a great result, and sad about the many easy opportunities That lost in the match, and the coach explained that the opposing team did not have a great risk on goal Pyramids The match was better for Pyramids with the expulsion of the Al Ittihad player in the first half, and he would like to thank the team players for the great effort as they play a match every 3 days.

Regarding Abdullah Al-Saeed’s change, Cacic revealed that he left due to extreme stress, playing a match every 3 days, and came back after a strong injury, and preferred his rest, explaining that the center of the defense was not affected by the absence of Abdullah Bakri, and Wolfred Cannon is a good player and compensated for the numerical shortage in the defense line And he made a very strong game and he was well thought despite his long absence.

The coach said that there are still 4 matches remaining in the league and the opportunity is available until the end to compete for the second place and continues until the last moment, indicating that the team is moving at a steady pace and will not give up easily, and every match takes one step by step to achieve the goal, stressing that scoring points is currently important And completely satisfied with the victory.

Pyramids team achieved a dear victory over Al-Ittihad of Alexandria with a goal without response, scored by Ghanaian John Antwi in the match that brought them together this evening, Tuesday, at the Air Defense Stadium, at the conclusion of the 30th round of the Premier League competition, in an exciting confrontation that the heavenly team entered ecstatically by beating Ismaili with three goals In exchange for a goal away from the stadium in the final round of the competition, Zaim Al-Thaghr, from Enppi, lost two goals without a response in the same round.

With this victory, Pyramids continues to tighten the screws on Zamalek, who is in second place with 58 points, as Pyramids reached the 57th point in third place, after playing 30 games, winning 17 games, tying in 6 games, losing 7 matches, scoring 48 goals and receiving 29 goals, while the leader occupies Al-Thager eighth place with 38 points, after playing 29 games, winning 8, drawing 14 and losing 7, and his players scored 28 goals and conceded 27 goals, and he still has a postponed match with Al-Masry Al-Port Said.


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