The registration site for volunteers to conduct Corona vaccine trials in Egypt .. The link is here


The Ministry of Health and Population has provided a website to register volunteers to conduct clinical research on the Coronavirus vaccine, and the Ministry confirmed today, Saturday, that the website is supposed to be developed starting tomorrow, Sunday.

Link to the registration site for volunteers to conduct Corona vaccine trials in Egypt

It is also mentioned that the Ministry of Health and Population, Dr.Hala Zayed, announced today, Saturday, the start of conducting many clinical trials, which are in its third phase, which concerns the emerging corona vaccine, and which is subject to the third phase, which concerns clinical trials.

As for the integrated package, which includes research on potential vaccines, as well as cooperation in the field of manufacturing and if its effectiveness is proven, and this comes within the cooperation with the Chinese government and the UAE company G42, which concerns health care.

The minister announced that President El-Sisi confirms Egypt’s keenness to participate with all countries of the world and this is to reach a safe and effective vaccine for the Coronavirus, and it has been indicated that Egypt’s participation in this experiment, which comes from the standpoint of its research and scientific leadership in the region.

Participation is taking place with many countries of the world in many continents, which will help their efforts to find an effective vaccine, and it is the one that helps a lot in protecting all people from the Corona virus, and registration is done by entering the Ministry of Health website, which is intended for all Egyptian citizens.


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