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The result of the Manchester City and Burnley match today 9/30/2020 in the English League Cup


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Manchester City and Burnley Manchester City vs. Burnley In one of the matches that is very similar to an excellent English league match, City club is preparing to face its counterpart Burnley, this evening, Wednesday, in the competitions of the 16th round of the League Cup championship, Manchester City seeks to achieve a victory over Burnley in order to qualify for the round The next from the local competition, after the elimination of Bournemouth in the third round with two goals to one, while Burnley seeks to achieve a surprise of the caliber and exclusion of Manchester City from the competition in order to continue his career in the tournament, after the elimination of Millwall in the third round with two goals to none, and the exclusion of Sheffield United In the second round, with five goals against four total penalty shootouts.Pep Guardiola, the coach of the Manchester City team, revealed, saying that no one cares about the players, it is not only about Manchester City, it is about all clubs in all countries, this is work and we are part of it, but we want to do it in the best possible way for ourselves and the fans who see us, unfortunately from Houses, stressing that the team has been suffering from this for a long time, for the players, the pre-season was a week or two, and then you have to play every 3 days for 11 months, I understand that this is an exceptional situation for restaurants, cinemas, theaters, museums, shops and everything, and everyone is suffering. Therefore, we are not an exception, but we have 3 players who came from the international agenda with injuries and we cannot control that. They asked them to participate without preparation, by playing two matches in 3 or 4 days, in the end they are not machines, but we ask a lot of them, and sometimes muscles It collapses, stressing that every association from the Premier League, UEFA and FIFA defends its personal interests and its position, and therefore you have to play in all competitions, and with international teams, the federations need to compete in the qualifiers for the Euro and the World Cup, as this is the responsibility of UEFA and FIFA We organize their own competition, and Guardiola completes the need for players and the situation is exceptional, everyone understands that, but we have 11 months to play an amazing number of matches, after which the players will have two or 3 weeks to start another season.

Manchester City vs Burnley match card

  • 🏆 Tournament: English League Cup.
  • 🏅 Round: Round of 16.
  • 🏟 Stadium: Turf Moore Burnley Floor.
  • 🎤 Voiceover: Ahmed Al Balushi.
  • 📺 Conveyor channels: BN Sport 3.
  • When: 8:00 pm Egypt time (GMT 2+).
  • Date: Wednesday (30-09-2020).
  • The result: Burnley 0-3 Manchester City.


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