The rewards are tempting … New details in Fyler’s crisis with Al-Ahly


The media, Omar Rabih Yassin, revealed new scenes in the Swiss file Renee Fyler Al-Ahly’s coach, who is about to leave the Red Castle in early October.
He said on the Falcon Stadium program broadcast on Radio Egypt:Alahli football club He will not be able to announce the end of his relationship with Fyler until the beginning of October until the tenth of the same month, and the Swiss coach cannot announce his position, especially since any party that will announce this will pay a penalty clause of 6 months.

He added, “Al-Ahly refused to lead Fyler in the African Championship, with a gentleman’s agreement and without an official contract.”

He continued: “Fyler has authorized his lawyer and agents to contact Amir Tawfiq, the Contracting Director, to talk about his future at the club.”

He continued: “Mahmoud Al-Khatib, President of Al-Ahly Club, expressed his anger at Fyler, in light of his failure to sit with the officials to resolve the situation. The final response will be on Tuesday, and the position will be announced in full after the Arsenal meeting.”

He added, “Fyler wants to obtain the rewards of the Egyptian League, which are estimated at 400 thousand dollars, which he wants to obtain now, but the club refused and insisted on distributing all the rewards after the end of the competition.”

He added, “Fyler agreed that Fyler would receive $ 600,000 in rewards for the African Championship, which is what Al-Ahly Club agreed to.”

And he continued: “Al-Ahly’s new offer to Fyler to extend his contract for a month, and to leave after the African Championship, and the ball is in the Swiss coach’s court now, either to agree or to leave permanently after the cup meeting in front of the arsenal.”

He added: The big rewards have tempted Fyler, and the contract may be extended for a month, but the dispute so far is over when to inform the club of his position, as Khatib wants to settle the matter before he travels to Switzerland on a short vacation.

He concluded: “Al-Ahly prepared a letter to terminate the contract, in the event that the coach was informed of his departure from the club, and he will be thanked, with a quick initiative, on the part of the board of directors, and Al-Ahly will try to appoint a foreign coach in the event of his departure.”


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