The scenes of the Pyramids negotiations with Ali Maaloul and the developments of Omar Kharbin deal


Ahmed Hassan, the former captain of the Egyptian national team, revealed that the Syrian Omar Khribin was close to moving to the Zamalek club, and said through his program Al-Saqr Stadium, broadcast on Radio Egypt, “Khirbin is a strong addition to Zamalek, and he was present in Pyramids, and he is a very distinguished player, and there are negotiations by officials of the White Club. To formally contract with him, and Zamalek is currently concealing negotiations with Omar Khirbin. “

Al-Saqr added, “Pyramids is seeking to contract with Mustafa Mohamed in exchange for the transfer of Dunga, Bakri and Rajab Bakkar. There may be a reciprocal deal between the two parties.”

Ahmed Hassan confirmed that Karim al-Iraqi, Ayman al-Masry’s back in Port Said, returned to Zamalek’s accounts, saying, “Zamalek needs to include the Iraqi, and he is a distinguished player and appeared well with the Egyptian Olympic team.“.

Ahmed Hassan confirmed that Al-Ahly went a long way from negotiations with Youssef Al-Balayli, saying, “Al-Blayli will be useful to Al-Ahly club, and he also shone a lot in the Algerian national team and he was one of the stars of the 2019 African Nations, Al-Blayli is a player worthy of the Al-Ahly club, and if he joins it will be a great addition.”

And about stand on disabledHassan said, “Pyramids tested the player’s pulse, and specifically Amr Bassiouni, the contracting director, called the player, and made a contract without penalty conditions, but the player informed them that he is a contractor with the Al-Ahly club, and Pyramids is trying hard to contract with him, and they set aside a large sum to contract with him.”


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