The secret of Pachecos exit from the Zamalek training accounts, despite his leadership in the candidates at the beginning


The Portuguese coach Pacheco, the former coach of the Zamalek team, left the circle of candidates to take over the training of the white team, although he led the list of candidates at the beginning immediately after the departure of French Carteron suddenly to take over the training of Saudi cooperation.

Immediately after Carteron announced his departure from Zamalek, Pacheco issued the list of candidates, and indeed he was contacted, and the Portuguese coach expressed his agreement to take over the responsibility, and it took only 30 minutes to make the decision, before responding with acceptance and confirming his readiness to be in Cairo as soon as possible to take over.

After Pacheco agreed to train Zamalek, the matter was presented to club officials for discussion, to show a front completely refusing to complete this deal, especially since the Portuguese coach had previously escaped from Zamalek earlier to take over the Saudi youth training at the time.

The successes were absent from Pacheco after his departure from Zamalek, as he did not succeed in trying the Saudi youth to go through another experience in China that was not successful either, which raised the concerns of White Castle officials.

After several consultations and discussions, Pacheco completely left the accounts of the Board of Directors of Zamalek, to close the negotiation file with him, and negotiations are headed for the Portuguese Ferrera, Swiss Gross and Argentine Calderon.


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