The secret of the mysterious relationship of a dermatologist to the scandal of the harasser in Tanta


The defense committee of the doctor accused of harassment of girls inside his clinic in the city of Tanta, Gharbia Governorate, launched counterattacks against one of the victims, and considered that the accusations against him were from some women.The defense committee, consisting of legal advisors, Ihab Helmy and Ahmed Sayed Badawi, said that the charges against the doctor were “malicious and intended to defame and incite public opinion against their client, and to avenge the doctor’s failure to respond to a patient, among those who filed the report against him.”

The defense authority confirmed, in a press statement, that the accusations against the psychiatrist of harassment are unfounded.

The doctor’s defense said: “One of the applicants who reported against the doctor works as a dermatologist, and was treating a psychological crisis in 2014 after her separation from her husband, and incited the rest of the girls against the doctor as they have a strong friendship” – according to the defense.

The defense committee added: “The patient, while being treated for the psychological crisis, found that the doctor was a comfortable person and tried to enter into an emotional relationship with him, and began to frequent him in the clinic constantly, and asked her to marry, but he tried to confront her and convince her that the psychiatrist is the trusted person and that her feelings False, and when she was prevented from entering the clinic, she decided to take revenge on him, “according to the statement of the defendant’s defense.

The security services in the West arrested a psychiatrist after circulating a post on one of the social networking site (Facebook) pages containing the messages of many women, that during their treatment with a psychiatrist in the city of Tanta, they were subjected to verbal harassment from the doctor, and he asked them to send him their own pictures. And trying to convince them to engage in some immoral work and make them illusion that this is a kind of psychotherapy.

With the examination, it was found that a number of women had previously informed the competent authorities about the content of the above, and the aforementioned doctor could be identified, and the necessary legal measures were taken.


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