The severity of the Corona virus decreased .. However


Dr. Muhammad Awad Tajuddin, Advisor to the President of the Republic for Health and Prevention Affairs, said that the severity of Corona virus infections has decreased, but the Corona pandemic is still excited and in a hot area, pointing out that there is still a case of Corona virus infection, and there are cases that need hospitals, and respirators, For intensive care.

The president’s advisor stressed, during a phone call to the “90 minutes” program, presented by the journalist Moataz Al-Demerdash, on the “Al-Mehwar” channel, the need to take precautionary and preventive measures until at least March, pointing out that the number of cases requiring artificial respiration decreased to 10% Just,

He added that there is no medicine dedicated to the Coronavirus until this moment, and that Egypt applies the medical standards event to confront the Corona virus, extending thanks and appreciation to the Egyptian medical teams.

He pointed out that Egypt is closely following the scientific committees for reaching a vaccine for the Corona virus in the countries of the world, commenting: “We follow developments moment by moment.”


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