The Spanish authorities accuse Mohamed Ali of smuggling 650,000 euros from Egypt to Barcelona in 3 bags


The fugitive contractor, Mohamed Ali, faces several cases in Spain, chief among them the crime of tax evasion, based on a complaint filed by the State Agency for Tax Administration (AEAT) and the Economic and Financial Crimes Unit Udef for money laundering and tax fraud.

The Spanish newspaper “Diary de Santadaria” said that the fugitive Egyptian contractor is facing charges of money laundering in Spain because he smuggled 650,000 euros out of Egypt through some intermediaries.

The complainants confirmed that the source of the money was the sale of private property of Muhammad Ali in Cairo, at a value of 400,000 euros, with 29 cars worth 200,000 euros, and the money arrived to him in cash and used it to make adjustments to his chalet in the Cabrera de Mar area of ​​Barcelona, ​​where part was paid Of the cost of repairs.

Spanish newspapers indicated that the fugitive contractor smuggled large amounts of cash in foreign currencies illegally from Egypt into Spain, and used them for personal interests, including the renovation of a villa he owned in Spain, without paying the due sales tax.

The sources indicated that the relevant authorities received a notification in February 2019 stating that Muhammad Ali managed to smuggle 650,000 euros into Spain, and entered the country in 3 bags between December 2018 and early 2019, and the report included the full name of one of the people. , Undisclosed, witnessed the deliveries of the money, which took place in a luxury car in the Santa Coloma de Graminette area in Barcelona.

According to Spanish sources, the investigation authorities are currently studying the file of the Egyptian contractor fleeing to Spain in light of the accusations leveled against him regarding money laundering and tax evasion and the connection of these two charges with his opposition to the Egyptian state, especially, and that his attack on the Egyptian state coincides with committing the violations under investigation.

The Spanish media confirmed that the fugitive contractor not only bought and renovated a house in Spain, but also announced a huge fake project in the Three Chimneys area of ​​Saint Adrian de Bezos in Barcelona.

Muhammad Ali faces the crisis of promoting a fake project through the Spanish media, as the fugitive contractor announced this project on June 8, 2019, before registering his company “Amlak Real Estate” at a value of 700-800 million euros.

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