The state increases its resources … 100 pounds for patients to enter mental health facilities … and increases the tax rate for the local product by 2.5%


Ministry of Health imposes 100 pounds as an entry fee for patients in mental health facilities … and specialists: wasting the right of patients who are unable

Yesterday, Saturday, the Minister of Health, Hala Zayed, decided to impose a fee of 100 pounds for patients to enter public mental health hospitals, and the decision includes all mental health facilities, including government and charitable facilities, and this decision is considered a reversal of the decision of the former Minister of Health Fouad Al-Nawawi in May 2012 No. 351 of 2012, which exempted patients from government hospitals and charitable institutions for mental health from these fees, and exempted all hospital patients from these fees, as long as the treatment period does not exceed one week. And human rights organizations had considered the exemption at the time to support and facilitate the provision of psychological service to those who are unable.

The Executive Director of the Research Department at the General Secretariat for Mental Health, affiliated to the Ministry of Health, Sally Ibrahim Noubi, formerly responsible for the administration of curative affairs in the secretariat, said that the decision issued yesterday was unfair to the psychiatric patient, telling “Mada Masr”: “There were fees imposed on facilities that were not Governmental hospitals have 100 pounds, and there is no problem, that is why there are financial dues to be paid by the patient who goes to a private institution. As for government hospitals, the patient has the right to be treated for free. The amendment that took place in that the fees include all facilities violates the rights of incapable patients.

The decisions of the Ministry of Health regarding exemption from fees or imposing fees are based on Articles 41 and 42 of the Psychiatric Patient Care Law issued in 2009, regarding the establishment of a mental health fund as one of its resources: “What leads to admission to treatment in mental health facilities, which is determined by a decision of the Minister The health worker, by one hundred pounds, to be paid by the facility for every case of admission to treatment. Parliament had agreed on August 24 to amend some articles in the law, but these amendments did not include fees.

Article 18 of the Egyptian constitution states that “every citizen has the right to health and to integrated health care in accordance with quality standards. The state guarantees the preservation of public health services facilities that provide services to the people, support them, and work to raise their efficiency and equitable geographical spread.” The same article criminalizes “refraining from providing treatment in its various forms to every person in cases of emergency or life danger.”

From Nubi’s previous experience in managing therapeutic affairs and her membership in the National Council of Psychiatry, which is a supervisory body for psychiatry, as I explained, the psychiatric patient has the right to always have a place in the hospital, adding that many psychiatric patients do not work and therefore have no income, nor They have financial support from their family.

There are other reasons given by the psychiatrist and writer Basma Abdel Aziz, who says to Mada Masr: “Linking entry to money, not the patient’s condition, this means there is no money and salvation.” She added that psychiatry, like medicine in general, must allow entry into emergency situations, which may be a stroke. Or a nervous frenzy. Regarding the causes of the decision, Abdelaziz believes that imposing fees is in line with the state’s trend to impose fees on everything recently, as a new resource from the budget. When I impose fees, these people have no place to go. ”

Al-Maliya aims to increase the tax rate to GDP by 2.5% within 5 years

In continuation with state resources, and from “health” fees to “finance” taxes, the Ministry of Finance announced that it is targeting to increase the tax rate of GDP by 2.5% within five years, to 16.5% instead of 14%, according to a statement issued yesterday.

According to the Ministry of Finance data, the tax revenue has never reached this percentage for 15 years. The data also reveal a clear gap between what the ministry is targeting and the actual outcome, a gap that reached a record rate in 2016/2017, while the Ministry of Finance at the time targeted 18% of GDP, the actual outcome was only 13.3%.

The global average of tax revenue as a percentage of GDP reached 14.9% in 2018, according to World Bank data … As for the so-called “tax countries,” that is, those that depend more on tax revenues for their revenues, the percentage rises to 24%, as in France.

The following figure shows the evolution of tax revenues as a percentage of GDP in ten years, based on public budget data. The budget data show that the tax revenue during that period did not exceed 14.3%, which is the highest level it reached during that period – in the year 2017/2018, which witnessed the full implementation of the value-added tax – by raising its price by 1% – which was applied for the first time in the previous year.

Source: Financial Statement for the 2020/2021 Budget

It is clear from the analysis of tax revenue data for those ten years that the average tax proceeds did not exceed 13%.

The Ministry of Finance said that it aims to achieve this goal by “expanding the tax base … while preserving the stability of tax policies.”

Abdel-Rasoul Abdel-Hadi, a member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Tax Association, told “Mada Masr” that what is called broadening the tax base is in fact expanding the scope of taxation mainly through collecting taxes from the informal sector and pursuing tax evasion.

The ministry said in its statement that it relies on its tax policies on the so-called “national project to modernize and automate the tax administration system.” This is what Abdul-Rasoul explained to Mada Masr with the “electronic invoice” that represents the cornerstone of this project. It is a technique that allows buying and selling operations to appear in the electronic system of the tax device at the same moment in which those operations take place, by linking the companies ’internal electronic systems to the device. “This system allows tracking of all sales and resale transactions to the last sales cycle of the commodity, through sectors of the informal economy, through many circles of tax evasion by not recording sales and purchases,” he added.

Abdul Rasoul said that the stability of tax policies basically means preserving tax rates – of all kinds – at the same levels, which generally means raising the tax revenue without raising the tax rate by increasing the range of those subject to tax, according to him, which was confirmed by the Finance Ministry in a statement. Today, when it denied any intention to raise tax rates.

Environment: The increase in tourism fees for reserves will decrease

An environmental tour operator told “Mada Masr”, asking not to be named, that the Ministry of Environment reduced the fees for practicing activity inside the natural reserves to 100 pounds per person at the end of last week, after about two weeks of imposing fees amounting to 12 thousand pounds in South Sinai reserves. And the Red Sea, and 8 thousand pounds in other reserves, on groups (an average of 20 individuals) to practice any activity within the reserves.
Some of the organizers of the eco-excursions had objected to the ministry’s sudden decision, which raised the prices of eco-trips by tenfold, and decided to suspend the trips indefinitely.
For more information about the ministry’s previous decision, and the nature of the dispute between the ministry and the organizers of eco-trips, read the previous Mada Masr report, “Doubling the tourism fees for protected areas … There is no difference between companies and students of science and nature.”

The total number of natural reserves in Egypt is 30, but only 13 of them are actually open to visit, most of them are in South Sinai, and the rest is distributed among the governorates. During 2017, nearly 802,000 visitors visited these reserves. While the Fayoum and South Sinai reserves received the most visits, the Cairo reserves received about 77 thousand visitors during the same period, according to the statistics of the Central Agency for Mobilization and Statistics. Before this year, the statistics did not witness any record of the number of visitors to the reserves.


The latest Corona statistics, according to what Announced by the Ministry of HealthYesterday:

New infections: 148
Total casualties: 100,856
New deaths: 20
Total deaths: 5,627
Total cures: 83,261

After being suspended for a week, Britain will resume clinical trials of the Corona vaccine

Yesterday, Saturday, the AstraZeneca International Group for Pharmaceutical Industries and the University of Oxford resumed clinical trials of the Coronavirus vaccine in Britain, after announcing it had stopped on September 6, according to Bloomberg. The data released on the resumption of work on the vaccine by “AstraZeneca” and “Oxford” did not clarify the status of the clinical trials that they were conducting outside Britain, specifically in the United States, Brazil, South Africa and India, before they were suspended.

“AstraZenica” and “Oxford” had announced the suspension of the final stages of clinical trials of a vaccine against the “Covid-19” virus, last week, for an unknown period, after a dangerous side effect appeared on one of the participants in these trials for no apparent reason.

“Beijing” challenges “Washington” … and prefers to stop “TikTok” in America rather than forcibly selling it

Informed sources told “Reuters”, last Friday, that “Beijing” preferred to close the “TikTok” application in the United States of America, rather than forcibly selling it. Talks between the Chinese company that owns the application, ByteDance, with American companies such as Microsoft and Oracle began last August, to buy shares of the Chinese application in America, after threats from US President Donald Trump to stop the application in the United States if it was not sold. Until mid-September, due to criticism about the security and privacy of the application, and that US user data may be shared in “Beijing”.

While the informed sources told «Reuters» that the submission of China and ByteDance Company to US pressure will make them in a position of weakness, «ByteDance» said in an official statement to «Reuters» that the Chinese government did not propose to close the application in the United States or any other market. The Chinese Foreign Minister said in media statements, on Friday, that the United States is misusing the concept of national security.

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Peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban hosted by Qatar

After four decades of continuous violence that resulted in millions of deaths and displaced persons, the historic peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban began yesterday, Saturday, in the Qatari capital, Doha, talks that were paved for the security agreement between the United States and the Taliban last February, resulting in Americas approval. And NATO to withdraw all foreign forces within 14 months, and the Taliban’s commitment not to allow extremist groups, such as Al Qaeda, to operate in the areas it controls.

The two parties to the Afghan conflict were supposed to sit at the negotiating table last March after the February agreement, but the continuation of violence, and the failure to complete the prisoner exchange process, which the Taliban had set as a condition for starting the talks, impeded the start of negotiations, especially since among these, people were involved in major attacks. Australia and France also objected to the release of six prisoners accused of committing fatal attacks against the two countries ’nationals, according to the BBC.

Despite the obstacles of the sharp political division between the two parties to the dialogue, the results of the recent disputed elections, and the violence, the Afghan government and the Taliban sit at the same negotiating table after a long wait, giving Afghans an opportunity to find a way for a hoped-for coexistence.

Photo: A side of the Taliban delegation during yesterday’s session in Doha. Reuters / Ibrahim Al-Omari


  • The Public Prosecution decided to detain four police secretaries pending investigations into the death of a young man in the Al-Moneeb area called “Islam Al-Australian”. It also ordered the release of an officer on a bail of five thousand pounds, and investigations are still ongoing.
  • Yesterday, Port Said Criminal Court sentenced Muhammad Badi, the guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Al-Beltagy, Safwat Hijazi, and 9 others to life imprisonment, and the court ruled that 59 other defendants be punished with three years imprisonment, and three others were punished with six months imprisonment, and the criminal case ended He was accused of his death in a retrial in the case known in the media as “storming the Arab section.”
  • Yesterday, the South Cairo Criminal Court postponed the first session of the trial of activist Sana Seif for next Thursday, 17 September, according to her sister Mona Seif, because it was not possible to transfer Sana from Al-Qanater prison. Lawyer Khaled Ali had clarified the accusations directed at Saif, and included “broadcasting false news and data that would cause panic among the people, in which it falsely claimed the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic inside Egyptian prisons and the absence of preventive measures from it, insulting a public employee by way of publishing, using a private account on the information network With the aim of committing a crime punishable by law, and insulting one of the officers while performing his job, ”while Ali indicated that the forensic report on the injuries sustained by Saif during the assault on her and her family in front of Tora prison, before her arrest, reported that some of them occurred from“ body clashing ” Or solid bodies, parts of them are rough of whatever kind.
  • The families of six Hong Kong activists demanded the return of their relatives detained by the Chinese authorities, in their first media appearance, at a press conference, backed by some politicians. The Chinese authorities arrested 12 activists from Hong Kong last August while trying to escape by boat to Taiwan. The families made it clear that they do not know the charges against their families, and that among them are patients who need treatment, and that among them there is a minor who does not exceed 16 years, according to “Reuters”. Hong Kong has witnessed widespread protests since June 2019, sparked by measures and laws that reflect the hegemony of “Beijing”, which restricts freedoms, especially the opposition in Hong Kong mainly, and resulted in protests and confrontations that have continued so far.

Yesterday, Greek police forces confronted hundreds of immigrant protesters in the Moria refugee camp, the largest refugee camp in Europe, with tear gas bombs as they tried to reach the main road on the Greek island of Lesbos, which hosts the camp that was burned days ago, according to “Reuters”. The camp hosts about 12,000 immigrants, which is greater than its capacity, and most of them are from Africa and Afghanistan. The refugees’ attempt came amid their fear of the spread of the Corona virus due to the overcrowding of the camp, and their suffering to sleep after the fire. The protesters demanded to leave the Greek island, where they raised banners calling for freedom “freedom”, and in their banners they demanded, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to receive a number of refugees, saying “Are you?” Do you hear us Merkel? ”


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