“The strangest cases” … “A family record” reveals that a 40-year marriage contract was not documented


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The New Cairo Family Court of Appeal witnessed, a strange incident of its kind, in which a “housewife” lodged an appeal against the ruling rejecting the lawsuit to prove her marriage since 1980.
The plaintiff said in the lawsuit that she had filed a case before a family court of first instance, in which she requested proof of her marriage to her deceased husband 10 years ago, but that the case was rejected by the court due to the death of the husband, and that the marriage was publicly attended by relatives and friends from the two families inside one of the churches, and it resulted in They had 3 daughters and a son. They enrolled in different stages of education until they graduated from universities and the last of them was their youngest son who was over 23 years old.
The plaintiff stated before the family’s appeal in New Cairo that all stages of marriage went through an official and legitimate way in the presence of witnesses from relatives, and she confirmed that it was a coincidence that revealed her marriage contract was not documented, as her younger son went to extract a family record to obtain an exemption from military service because he was her only child, and discovered In civil status, there is no official document confirming his mother’s marriage to his father.
The plaintiff and her children who lived for a long period of time were able, in search and confusion, to discover the reason for the failure to document the marriage contract, as it became clear to them that the priest who held the marriage ceremony died a few days after their marriage before the marriage was officially registered by the clerk at the Ministry of Justice and the civil registry, and the church administration did not know at the time that he had not registered Those marriages he attended before his death.
The plaintiff said that, since her marriage, she lived a stable life, and was dominated by a state of mutual respect, and during 40 years of marriage there had been no obstacle that caused a problem between them, but the issue of not documenting the marriage contract was the biggest obstacle she faced in her life.
The court ordered that a number of witnesses from relatives of the two families be summoned to hear their statements regarding the marriage ceremony that took place in 1980.

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