The truth about the engagement of the actress Nabila Obaid .. in a recording of her


During the hours, the social media sites covered the news of Nabila Abeid’s engagement, as all the sites flocked to spread the news while various media outlets competed to find out whether this news was true or was it just a fabrication to gain a number of followers, the artist Nabila Obeid is one of the most important and best actresses in the middle generation, the generation of the eighties Which, with her beauty and goodness, caught the attention of her and strongly and pushed many filmmakers to be the heroine in their films and the artist was characterized by very high performance and was able to perform complex and political roles that talk about issues that are vague and rogue society at this time, but she performed brilliantly.

Engagement Nabila Obaid

Social networking sites covered news of a sermon, beloved of the masses, Nabila Obeid, but the artist quickly responded to this rumor through an intervention to take the famous programs interested in art news and said, “A lie like usual, when every day they say that someone died, all this is empty words, empty words.” , She also published “Astory” through her account on Instagram and said, “It is written:“ Your false companion is the word that you know everything about. ”

It is worth noting that the artist’s last work was in the last Ramadan race as a guest of honor in the Sukkar Ziada series, and the work starred Nadia Al-Jundi, Samiha Ayoub, and artist Hala Fakher, and the work met a reasonable success amid the Ramadan race full of wonderful works, and the artist Nabila has a great artistic history of dramatic and cinematic works, we mention among them Haret Berjawan _ The Dancer and the Politician _ Rabia Al-Adawiya – The Woman and the Cleaver _ The Scorpion Kid _ Aunt Nour _ Longing _ Lovers _ The Virgin and the White Price _ Samiha Badran Case _ The Assassination of a School _ The Devil Preaching _ Fugitive From Love _ The Mamluks _ 3 Thieves _ Toot Tut _ Al-Hanakeesh, Shader Al-Samak, Al-Raqatah and Al-Tabbal


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