The UAE Hope probe will travel 194.9 million km from its journey to Mars


The Emirati Al-Amal probe, 71 days after its launch, covered 194.990 million km of the total distance of its journey to Mars, which is 493.5 million km, while it is currently continuing its journey successfully, and the probe appeared in a live broadcast of its instantaneous movements, traveling at a speed of 105.564 km / hour , Cutting 194.990 million km, with 298.51 million km remaining for its expected arrival on February 9, 2021 at 11:46 am, according to international time, in conjunction with the celebrations of the United Arab Emirates, the golden jubilee of its founding.

The Hope probe was launched successfully from the Tanegashima Center in Japan, on July 20, to begin the historic UAE mission to explore the Red Planet, as the first Arab space mission, and the ninth in the world, and the probe completed the post-launch tests with complete success, and for the probe to travel 493.5 million km To reach Mars, during his long journey, he needs equipment and a star-tracking camera that will help draw a picture of the position of the probe to ensure that it follows the required path..


And it will need to permanently locate it accurately in space, in order to be able to direct its sensor towards the Earth, and for this it depends on sensors to track the stars using the patterns of stellar clusters, in what is very similar to the method used by Bedouins and sailors in ancient times to infer their way, while devices help This tracker depicts the position of the probe to ensure it follows the desired path.

The star-tracking camera captured the first image of the probe’s direction towards Mars, at a distance of a million kilometers from the planet, as this came as part of the plans for standardized tests and reviews to ensure that the space navigation devices work and comply with the specifications set for them.

Upon the arrival of the probe, it will study the climate of Mars, and give a comprehensive view of the weather system on the planet, so the world is waiting impatiently to see the results of this trip, and in order for the probe to reach Mars, the spacecraft must make about 6 maneuvers to correct the path, the probe has already carried out one of them Earlier in August.


For his part, Imran Sharaf, the mission’s project manager, said in a statement: “We have completed the first lane correction maneuver, which was the first test of the propulsion and trajectory control systems, as well as the first time that the six engines of the spacecraft were activated.” And he added, “This took The 21-second mission put us on the right path to Mars. We are happy with the performance of the probe so far, “according to Al-Ain News.

The Mars Orbiter was developed by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, in partnership with the Atmospheric and Space Physics Laboratory at the University of Colorado, and once it reaches the Red Planet, it will stay there for approximately one Martian year, equivalent to two years on Earth..

The “Hope Probe” is a message of confirmation to everyone on the ability of the UAE and the Arab world to accomplish huge projects and important scientific leaps if there is a vision and confidence in the capabilities, capabilities and human energies. This project is an investment in the future and a source of inspiration for the youth that there are no limits to the possibilities when the will and determination are available.

It is also a message to future generations that nothing is impossible, and those with determination can overcome barriers and challenges and look forward to discovering more and transforming challenges into opportunities. The UAE project to explore Mars establishes the interest of the country’s youth and the Arab world to study science, mathematics, engineering and technology and specialize in them, as well as contribute to the exploration of Mars in building cadres A highly qualified Emirati woman in space technology, innovation, and scientific and space research.


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