The VAR is crazy about Mourinho in the match between Tottenham and Newcastle .. Special One left the stadium


Jose Mourinho, the coach of Tottenham Hotspur, left his seat on the bench of his team and entered the dressing room at Tottenham Stadium, after his team drew with Newcastle.

And kidnapped Newcastle, a tie in the deadly time of his host Tottenham, with the goal of each team in their match in the third round of the Premier League competition.

Brazilian Lucas Mora ensured in the 25th minute that Tottenham scored a goal made by Harry Kane, to raise the England star’s number of assists this season to 5.

The visitors’ equalizer came in the sixth minute of stoppage time, and was scored by Wilson from a penalty kick that was awarded after returning to the VAR technique.

VAR technique proved Andy Carroll’s header hit the hand of Eric Dyer, the Tottenham player whose back was towards the ball to be awarded a penalty.

Welshman Gareth Bale, Tottenham’s new deal, sat in the stands to watch the match.

After the tie, Tottenham is in seventh place in the Premier League table with 4 points, while Newcastle United is in ninth place with the same points balance.

After Newcastle scored a controversial penalty kick, Jose Mourinho left the pitch, lamenting the loss of the three game points.

The Portuguese assistant coach was also expelled, as the cameras of the meeting did not show what happened, but it seems that he said something against the referee.


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