The Women’s Health Initiative confirms the detection of 65% of breast tumors through self and clinical examination


The Presidential Initiative for Women’s Health implemented by the Ministry of Health and Population confirmed that self-examination of breast tumors enables detection of 25% of the tumor and takes place on a monthly basis, while the clinical examination detects breast cancer at a rate of about 40% and is annually and is done by the doctor.

The presidential initiative said that the initiative is being implemented through 3593 health units at the level of the governorates of the Republic, with the participation of 4,098 medical teams, in addition to the participation of 101 hospitals in the initiative to provide medical service to women whose condition requires an advanced examination, adding that the locations of these units can be known through the official website. For the initiative in addition to receiving inquiries through the hotline for the initiative of 100 Million Health 15335.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Azab, President of the Egyptian Society for Cervical Cancer, said that the President’s initiative for women’s health is one of the strong initiatives that support women’s health and provide them with important health services that contribute to securing the health of nearly 28 million women, noting that the initiative includes a set of medical checks and examinations. Related to reproductive health, which guarantees protection of women from the risks of reproductive system tumors such as cervical cancer, which is number 11 in the order of cancers in terms of infection among women, and it is the fourth most common cancer affecting women.


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