The worst president and the leftist puppet … the word-of-mouth debate


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Wednesday 30 September 2020

Books – Muhammad Safwat:

The first debate between the US presidential candidates, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, witnessed an exchange of verbal exchanges, which was the most prominent feature of the meeting, which was also marked by many boycotts.

The two candidates quickly fell into the trap of falsification, a few minutes after the start of the debate, due to the debate over the health care law known as “Obama Care”, as Biden accused his opponent of seeking to speed up the nomination of Amy Connie Barrett to succeed Ruth Ginsburg in the Supreme Court to repeal the presidential law Which prompted Trump to boycott him.

Biden tried to continue his speech and defend the law, but Trump did not give him a moment until he began to direct his first accusations to him that former President Barack Obama was controlling him, and Chris Wallace, the broadcaster of “Fox News” and the interlocutor in the first debate, brought them back to the main lines of the debate.

During Trump’s speech, Biden interrupted him more than once, accusing him of lying, saying: “Everyone knows that you lie, and I am not here to prove your lies.” The matter reached Biden until he said to Trump: “Shut up, man.” While the US President did not remain silent about insulting his Democratic opponent To answer him: “You have nothing to do with intelligence, Joe, 77 years old and have done nothing.”

The two candidates continued to exchange personal accusations, in a frantic atmosphere dominated by extreme tension, as Biden said: “It is difficult for a person to have a chance to say a single word in the presence of this clown, excuse me this person,” continuing his attack by saying: “You are the worst president in American history.”

When asked about the violence in the country due to ethnic incidents, Trump accused his opponent Biden of being a puppet of anarchist left-wingers, and that he was afraid to talk about law enforcement so that the radical leftists would not lose.

Biden responded that Trump failed to manage the Corona pandemic crisis and caused the deaths of more than 200,000 Americans due to the epidemic, amid talk from scientists about the possibility of 200,000 more deaths, as well as that he provides unfounded medical consultations and contradicts science, to Trump respond: If the Democrats were in power, a million Americans would have died from the Chinese virus. “

Trump also accused his opponent of profiting from his position under Obama and his son by investing millions of dollars in Ukraine, to which Biden interrupted, saying: “My son loves his country and participated in the Iraq war for a whole year.”

Biden accused his opponent, Trump, of being a puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and of wanting to divide the Americans and fueling violence, hatred and ethnicity in the country.

At the end of the debate, Trump questioned the integrity of polling by mail in the upcoming elections, to which Biden responded by saying that only Trump believes in the possibility of rigging the elections if it is conducted by mail, adding that Trump is forced to accept the election result, calling on Americans to come out and participate strongly in the vote. ; The only way to remove Trump from office.

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