These groups must get the flu shot before entering winter


With the approaching winter season, cases of colds and influenza may increase, so it is always recommended to get the flu vaccine, especially for some groups who suffer from weak immunity and people with chronic diseases, to protect them from cold and influenza, according to what the site stated healthline Some groups must get the flu vaccine and they are ..

1: Pregnant women.

2: Children under the age of 5.

3: People 18 years of age or younger who are receiving aspirin therapy.

4: People over the age of 65.

5: People with a BMI of 40 or higher.

6: Anyone who works or lives in a nursing home or a chronic care facility.

7: Anyone suffering from chronic diseases.

Most doctors also recommend that everyone get the flu vaccine so that your body has enough time to develop the correct antibodies before the flu season begins, as it takes about two weeks for antibodies to appear against the flu after vaccination..

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes (CDC) Both influenza and coronavirus COVID-19 They will spread this year for this reason, the vaccine will be more important than ever.

What are the side effects of the flu shot?

And many people report that they avoid the flu vaccine every year for fear of contracting the disease, it is important to understand that the flu vaccine cannot cause you to get the flu, you will not get sick because you received the vaccine, flu vaccines contain the dead influenza virus, these strains are not strong enough to cause In illness.

Like the other shots, you may experience some side effects from the flu shot. These side effects are often mild and only last for a short time. The side effects of the injection outweigh the possible symptoms of later flu infection.

The most common side effects of the flu vaccine include:

1: Pain around the injection site.

2: Low-grade fever in the days immediately following the injection.

3: Mild pain and stiffness.

4: Often any side effects only last a day or two. Many people will not experience any side effects at all.

In rare cases, some people may have a serious allergic reaction to the vaccination. If you’ve had an allergic reaction to any vaccine or drug before, talk to your doctor.


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