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The French News Agency published a picture from inside Syrian territory, and then wrote this comment under it: An American military vehicle guarding the Rumailan oil field in northeastern Syria!

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper, published in London, decided that this image deserves to appear on the first page, so I put it at the top of the page. Enough to express the meaning and more!

And if the stable rule in the press in general, that the picture is in a thousand words, then this image is among the images to which the famous rule applies without a doubt! .. It is a picture with a thousand words and perhaps more, because if you wrote an article of a thousand words about what concerns the United States of America in Syria In a thousand words, you will not be able to express what matters to Washington there, as this image did!

This is because if the Syrian brothers envisioned at the height of the suffering they have been experiencing since the so-called Arab Spring began in the region, that the administration of US President Donald Trump is interested in standing by them and being fair to them in the face of what the Syrian lands are exposed to, then it will certainly be a wrong perception on their part. The same applies if their imagination leads them to the same perception about the administration of former President Barack Obama!

And if they imagine the same thing with regard to the Iranian, Russian, or even Turkish presence who dismantled Aleppo factories and took them to his country, they will make the same mistake!

The Trump administration is interested in oil and nothing else, as the published picture says, and Russian President Putin also wants oil, and with him military bases he has established on land and at sea, and this is something that he does not conceal in any case, and the government of the Iranian guide, in turn, wants an added area of ​​political influence for it in the region And Al-Othmani wants to pursue the Kurds in northern Syria so that they do not think of approaching the borders of his country, as well as to think of establishing a Kurdish state on the borders!

What matters to the Syrian brothers really does not matter to any of these wrestlers on the land of Syria, in which nothing will return to its origin except the Syrians!

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