Thousands demonstrate in London against social distancing and lockdown


Police have warned British capital Demonstrators do not follow the rules Social distancingAccording to the “Associated Press”.

Police said before the event that their personnel would first deal with the protesters and explain the rules of social distancing, but they may take law enforcement action if protesters continue to fail.

As the protest began, police were seen around the edges of the crowd, but did not confront the protesters, most of whom did not wear masks.

“I know there is great frustration with these regulations, but they are designed to keep everyone safe from a deadly virus. With this blatant gathering in large numbers and ignoring social distancing, you are putting your health and the health of your loved ones at risk,” said Eddie Adelikan, who leads the Metropolitan Police operations.

The demonstration comes as he prepares British Parliament To review legislation Covid-19 disease.

And imposed British government New restrictions to control the disease. Some lawmakers have criticized the government for applying the rules without parliamentary approval.

Earlier this week, the government imposed a closure from 10 p.m. on bars and restaurants across the country, along with stricter requirements for masks and increased fines for non-compliance.

Most gatherings of more than six people have been banned, but protests are made as long as the organizers provide a risk assessment and comply with social distancing rules.

The demonstration comes a week after a similar event, during which thousands of people gathered in the famous square. Police say many of their officers were injured during that event when a “small minority” of protesters resorted to violence.

Britain is witnessing the worst death toll in Europe due to the epidemic, as 42,000 deaths have been confirmed, at a time when new infections, hospitalizations and deaths have risen sharply in recent weeks.

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