Tips to get rid of obesity caused by the accumulation of water in the body


Eating heavy meals is a reason for storing water in the body, which contributes to weight gain, in addition to many other health problems, and urination and sweating help get rid of water, but some of the foods you eat can also lead to retention of water, carbohydrates and sodium levels in them.

Carbohydrates and sodium are stored in the body for energy, in the form of glycogen. These nutrients may attract water outside the cell lining and cause weight gain

Here is a set of tips for losing weight caused by water retention, as reported by The Times of India:

Eat more whole foods

Whole foods, including some grains, vegetables and fruits, contain lots of fiber, vitamins and minerals such as potassium, which regulate the body’s work and prevent the accumulation of excess fluid.

Potassium, which helps get rid of water retention is abundant in vegetables, so following a vegetarian diet can help you get rid of bloating caused by water retention.

Cut back on carbohydrates

Avoiding excessive eating junk food is one of the simplest and simple ways to get a thinner waistline and get rid of water retention. Junk foods contain a lot of carbohydrates and sodium, so they affect digestion and contribute to water retention, weight gain and additional health problems. Hence, limiting their intake and following a healthy and moderate diet can help get rid of water retention

Doing exercises

Needless to say, exercise is one of the best ways to manage weight problems. Sweating makes you lose water, which helps reduce the water weight in the body within a shorter time. Experts also say that exercise causes the body to transfer water to muscles, which need to be built and recovered. Taking a sauna session can also be beneficial

Reducing stress levels

High stress increases cortisol levels in the body, which can cause the hormones that control water balance to imbalance


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